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We offer an extensive range of treatments and some beautiful packages to help you relax and recharge. Why not spoil someone special in your life with a gift voucher? Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or 'just because'!  This is the ultimate way to say thank you for everything you do.

Our Day Spa is open to all, but remember; weekend spots fill quickly so please call in advance of your visit to avoid disappointment!

Facial Waxing & Tinting

Enjoy a boost of colour with the perfect
tint to frame your eyes & beautifully smooth,
glowing skin with our professional
waxing service.

Eyebrow wax $20    Lip wax $15   Combo $40

Brow tint $20    Lash tint    Combo $40

Relaxation Massage

Unwind & de-stress with a massage you
won't forget. Designed to relax your mind &
body, this massage uses gentle rhythmic
strokes to help ease tension and stimulate
your blood and lymphatic circulation.

60min $120    90min $160

Pregnancy Massage

Ease muscle tension with a relaxing massage
using support pillows & massage techniques
tailored to your stage of pregnancy.
Available after first trimester.

60min $140

Massage Additions....

Mini facial 30min $69

Body polish 30 min $79

Essential Focus Facial

Cleanse + Exfoliate + Mask + Moisture

45min $95

Lifestyle Spa Facial

Ideal for all skin types, this facial incorporates
powerful plant serums and exotic spices.
The Lifestyle Spa Facials use mud therapies
or rich smoothing creams with essential oils
to effectively address your most pressing
skin requirements.

60min $129

Facial Additions....

Relaxation Massage 30min $59

USPA Concept Facial

Foot bath + Back massage + Facial

Begin with a grounding foot bath where your legs
& feet are cleansed, exfoliated, massaged &
moisturised. A relaxing warm oil infusion for the
back relieves any tension & prepares you for the
ultimate facial experience. The journey of aromas
is complemented by a meditative face massage,
lymphatic stretching & Balinese Body Palming.
This remarkable & holistic experience results
in glowing skin & leaves your entire being
transformed. Prescribed for the individual.

90min $169

Top to Toe

Relaxation massage + Mini facial

Our 45 minute Relaxation Massage is designed
to relax mind & body with the use of gentle,
rhythmic strokes that helps to ease tension &
stimulate lymphatic circulation.  The massage is
followed by a Mini Facial that will leave
you glowing!

75min $149

Bamboo or Coffee Body Scrub
& Body Hydration

Choose between the soothing Bamboo Polish
with Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba or the
invigorating Coffee & Sea Kelp body scrub
with uplifting Grapefruit. After rinsing,
superior hydration is smoothed onto the
body for soft & nourished skin.
Perfect for pairing with a facial or massage.

30min $79

Bamboo & Ginseng Body Wrap

Bamboo scrub & wrap + Face massage
+ Body hydration

A potent infusion of Ginseng & gentle Bamboo
beads aid in circulation to bring vital oxygen &
nutrients to the skin. Relax, wrapped in a warm
cocoon for a meditative face massage, followed
by Balinese Body Palming. After a warm
shower, the body is hydrated with
nourishing Coconut oil & Rose that uplifts the
senses, leaving skin silky & soft.

60min $149

Coffee & Sea Kelp Contour Wrap

Coffee body scrub & wrap + Face massage
+ Body hydration

The ultimate skin detox treatment! Coffee & Sea
Kelp is rich in minerals & antioxidants to relieve
sluggish skin. Fine Pumice & organic Coffee gives
the skin an invigorating exfoliation while
Grapefruit & Vanilla uplifts the senses. Enjoy a
warm wrap then a lymphatic body hydration
with sweet almond oil which aids in further
detoxification, revealing bright, healthy skin.

90min $189

Organic Coco Cream Wrap

Foot bath + Dry body brushing + Coco cream
wrap + Face massage + Foot massage

An extraordinary treatment for dry & dull skin.
We begin this beautiful indulgence with a Milk
& Rose foot bath. Therapeutic dry brushing
prepares the skin for a luxurious blend of
warm organic Cocoa Seed butter & Coconut
oil infused with fragrant Vanilla & Bergamot.
Relax in a warm wrap for an uplifting face
& foot massage, leaving your entire being
glowing. Bask in the delicious aroma that
envelops your skin.

60min $149

Rejuvenating Mud Wrap

Sensory journey + Dry body brushing
+ Mud therapy wrap + Face massage
+ Body hydration

For centuries, indigenous people all over the
world have enjoyed the benefits of clays for
their medicinal & aesthetic properties. USPA
brings pure clays rich in minerals with unique
detoxifying benefits from the earth to draw
out impurities, leaving your skin feeling silky
soft. Clay is smoothed  all over the skin & the
body is warmly cocooned, while a meditative
face massage restores balance. Sesame,
Coconut & Sweet Almond oils are smoothed
into the skin for the ultimate hydration.

60min $149

Ultimate Indulgence

Foot bath + Dry body brushing
+ Coco cream wrap + Face massage
+ Foot massage + Body hydration

Relax with a Milk & Rose foot bath before
enjoying the therapeutic dry body brushing that
prepares the skin for the luxurious coco cream
wrap. While relaxing in the deliciously warm
wrap, you will be treated to a face, foot & body
massage that re-energises the entire being.

1hour, 45min $229

Pure Bliss
Dry body brushing + Mud therapy wrap
+ Hair mask + Facial

Enjoy dry body brushing, followed by an
all over mud therapy wrap.  Relax & let
the benefits of clay do their work, while
enjoying a luxurious hair mask & facial.

2hours $250


Body Ritual

Coffee body scrub + Clay therapy wrap
+ Essential focus facial + Body massage

Coffee, vanilla & fine ground Pumice are blended
for an invigorating body scrub leaving your skin
supple & wonderfully smooth. A mineral rich
clay mask is smoothed on & the body wrapped
to further purify & restore the skin. Plant
essences & botanical extracts are used in a
rejuvenating facial that will leave your face
glowing with youthful radiance. A full body
massage completes this ritual, ensuring you
are ready to take on the world.

2hours, 30min $389


Please call us on 03 5426 4066 to discuss your treatment and make your reservation.

For the comfort and safety of everyone in our venue we cannot allow babies, children and guests under the age of 18 years

to accompany parents to appointments, make bookings, or otherwise stay in the facility.  

Please note that a 20% surcharge is applicable to Sunday treatments

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